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Teeth Whitening: Getting Started!

Posted by wwadmin 30/09/2017 0 Comment(s) About Teeth Whitening,




Teeth whitening strips and tray whitening systems are two main options when starting your first treatment. 


For future treatment or to 'top up' your whitening both products can be used as well as dissolving teeth whitening strips. We will outline the features of each product and how to decide what is right for you.


Professional teeth whitening products contain peroxide, which is an ingredient that physically whitens the colour of teeth by oxidising stains. There are no shortcuts to achieving a whiter smile. Staining on your teeth has built-up over many years and so the only way to safely and effectively lighten the shade of your teeth is to use peroxide based products, which gradually break stains down. These products must be prescribed by a dentist. 


Teeth whitening that is done slowly and steadily will also create longer-lasting results, especially when used with maintenance products such as whitening toothpastes and electric toothbrushes.


Steps to boost results from your course of teeth whitening:

  1. A dental examination to ensure that you have a healthy mouth and are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening;
  2. Removal of dietary stain with a scale and polish. For particularly stubborn stains an air polisher may be used;
  3. Use an electric toothbrush combined with a dentist approved whitening toothpaste;
  4. Try to avoid food and drink that stain your teeth and do not smoke.


It is important to understand the two differernt categories of teeth whitening products, which are Chemical Teeth Whitening and Mechanical Teeth Whitening. Chemical teeth whitening products are dentist prescribed and contain peroxide. These products cannot be sold by anyone other than a qualified dentist. Mechanical teeth whitening products should be thought of as the maintenance range for your smile. These are products such as toothpaste and toothbrushes.


The only way to achieve a result whiter than the natural shade of your teeth is through the use of peroxide products. To boost the results of your treatment by removing the surface stains and to keep your teeth whiter for longer than a proper range of daily teeth maintenance products should be part of your daily dental routine.



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